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Dream Mobile 

A new proposal from the 3D House Production company.





Attraction Virtual Reality 360

A new proposal in 2016, from the 3D House Production company.

Business is ready to work in the entertainment industry.
Birthdays, Corporate events, Tourist attractions.


The company provides a completely new solution, with the support of Oculus Rift DK2.



It is a stand with a demo games for Oculus, to introduce the latest technology, virtual reality.


The simple interface, intuitive to any PC user.


You can start this unique business right now.



More than 80 games and educational programs.


If you wish to purchase the business, franchise or equipment, please contact us.

Available completely new and second-hand.

We sell a full range of services, including business start-up, registration and insurance.


5D Cinema.



Driving Simulator.


Do not hesitate to ask. We can help.