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    Rally experience

    Driving Simulator with support Oculus Rift DK 2
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    New challenges

    Virtual Reality 360
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Game Simulator with support Oculus Rift DK 2

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With our simulator you can play the most spectacular games with astounding graphics and realism on the triple screen with a total resolution of 5760x1080 pixels. You will get the most out of the 3D gameplay.

Now more realistic support Oculus Rift DK2.

Passive 3D glasses or Oculus Rift DK2 and motion seat - a great combination! Very lightweight and easy to use glasses that do not interfere with having fun on the active drive. High-tech and at the same time, a simple to use dynamic seat, highly realistically simulates engine vibration, and all the irregularities of track.
Unique offer on the market - One or two seats - all like senior! You can take with you co-driver for the race. Your girlfriend, your child or your father will experience with you all the turns and overtaking on the track, as well as help you quickly change tires at the
pit stop. :)

We feel what We believe in.
Who cares about mechanical and video system adjustments?

Real car reactions, real vibration and engine sound, the actual horizon line - These are components of reality feeling.
For total immersion in the atmosphere of the race we have created a capsule. No strangers. No yelling and tips from the trunk. No peddlers of popcorn before the start. No black cats in front of your car. Just you and the road.

Our simulations initially aimed to support the network mode.
You want to drive with your friends? You want to be a champion in international races?

Then - this is your chance! A huge number of fundamentally supported games. Incredible number of combinations of tracks and cars. List of fully adapted games is constantly expanding. Extended for you.

We provide one year warranty for the entire complex. Just like that. Just in case.

We have created a special game menu - for speed and convenience. It is constantly reviewed and updated. Reviewed and updated itself. More and more games. All the more friendly menu. All the best and entertaining. But routine computer doing itself.
Our simulator can be connected anywhere. Even at the kitchen. European plug at 220 volts. Only 0.7 kW at all! Less than an iron or kettle. But kettle is kettle. It does not drive.
P.S. If today you do not want to beat time on track - have fun anyway. Drop off all rivals from the road or ram them. Head-to-head. Here you can afford it. Clarifies: Antideps are not included in the package.