Virtual Rality


The realistic images provided by 3D movies and 4D theatres can No longer satisfy the needs of consumers who are in pursuit of a realistic experience. Now the theatre environment has to be in synchronization with the movie story. The chair seat system and special environmental effects are utilized to create special simulating effects that incorporate visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and kinaesthetic senses for the audience to immerse themselves in the story. Viewers can be drawn into the plot physically and mentally to experience a virtual, exciting adventure. To satisfy such needs, the so-called “5D” theatre products have been developed.

Through the mainboard control system, “5D Cinema” can generate many special effects based on movie scenes including turn, rise and descent, forward and backward movement, fall, vibration, drift and dive. Combining other specially designed effects such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, snowflake and storm, “5D Cinema” is capable of stimulating all senses of people, making the audience feel like being immersed in the picture and experience the feeling of transcending time and space.